Play Therapy

Play TherapyPlay Therapy is an approach to counseling that allows children to express their thoughts and feelings through the use of toys and art materials. Children often have difficulty talking about what is bothering them. This difficulty is not because they do not want to discuss their thoughts and feelings, but because they have not yet developed the vocabulary or the thinking skills that they need to express themselves verbally. In a play session, children can use their play to show the counselor what they are thinking and feeling. The counselor can use the play to communicate with children about what is happening in their lives and to help them explore alternative attitudes and behaviors. Play therapy is beneficial for children ages 3+ that are dealing with a variety of issues including, but not limited to: Grief and Loss, Behavioral Problems, Anxiety, Divorce, Physical or Sexual Abuse, Aggression, Social Skills, Trauma, Specific Fears, ADHD, and Depression. Play therapy can be done in an individual, group or family setting.  For additional information on Play Therapy click here: