Getting Started

Don’t wait any longer to start feeling better. Scheduling an appointment is easy: just call the office and ask to schedule a new patient appointment. You will not be required to have a physician referral to make an appointment. We will collect information from you such as your date of birth, contact phone number, the reason you are requesting services and your method of payment. This information will help us to determine the most appropriate provider for your service needs. An appointment will then be scheduled.

If you are covered by insurance such as Medicare, Medicaid, or private insurance, specific information will be collected such as your member ID, Group number, and the phone number for your insurance benefits and eligibility department. This phone number is usually found on the back of your insurance card. Your insurance company will be contacted to verify mental health benefits and to establish deductible and co-pay status. We will also determine if there is any prior authorization needed for services provided. This information will be provided to you before your first appointment, so that you will know what your portion of the costs will be for your visit. Payment is due at the time of service; we accept cash or check.  BMA has a sliding scale so that no one will be denied services due to inability to pay.

To begin the therapy process, BMA offers our clients, age 16 and up, an initial assessment process which consists of one or more symptom surveys. There will be no co-pay due for this service. The initial survey covers a broad range of symptoms and identifies general divisions of symptoms. Based on the results of the initial survey, additional surveys may be given to assess each symptom dimension more specifically. The purpose of this initial assessment is to give your therapist helpful information and make the therapy process more efficient. These surveys may then be repeated to demonstrate your progress as you proceed through the therapeutic process.

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